In this mu online server, all is about fashion. With our custom costumes, you scare the enemies by just looking awesomely good. We wish you happy fashing in this new style mu online server!

Happy hunting all!


Our muonline settings:

- 99.999 xp, for fast level up all classes and join the epic PVP battles fast

- All classes starts with bonus zen & boxes and epic-looking custom sets.

- Good drops of Wcoins and RUUD ingame.

- Added new bosses that drops unique custom items

- Every 1 minute online you will receive 70 wcoins, thats 4200 every 1 hour online. 100k+ every 1 day

- Good wcoins x-shop

- Well balanced drops & monsters/bosses fights

- Castle siege every 3 days, take LOT fast since it will worth it!

- High succesrates on item creations, this means you can create errtells/wings and upgrade items with 99% succesrate.

- Grand resets, is 100k wcoins. Max GR is 50


Custom features

- Over 30+ new unique sets

- Over 80+ new weapons

- New added custom wings

- Fixed 3d camera

- Antilag ingame by pressing shift 1 to 9 

- Well balanced PvP and PVM system

- Build in antihack features, for preventing ingame effects of hacks and or speed edits. 

- Custom VIP-tags

-- Example, you can use macro's but the effects won't be faster then normal keyboard strokes. 

- Epic new BIG bosses that drops pentagrams, new custom items, wcoins and more cool stuff to explore.

Posted 05 / 05 / 2021 By MuAdmin


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Mu online season 15
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